Top 8 Mobile technology trends


Mobiletechnology styles are today changing the way businesses promote or market their products. In fact, it is all about running their business on a daily basis. Although change and providing in new technology can be quite daunting, but the present situation businesses that do not agree to changes introduced about by mobile technology cannot achieve this smartphone world. The mobile technology styles in 2017 have definitely had a positive change on businesses worldwide. Growing technologies, making these applications readily available for some larger viewers along with decreasing development costs of applications has made them very popular with both old as well as new businesses.

Small Businesses Mobile App

It was approximated that in 2017 over 50% of businesses will make a mobile app due to significant achievements of big the likes of Subways, Dominos, Starbucks and 7/11. When these significant businesses have improved their business significantly after the customer experiencing cell phone applications, businesses will usually follow.

Location Based Services

As place based service improved at a worrying rate in 2016 it was approximated that the level of development will obtain greater levels in 2017. By using ‘geo-fencing’ or LCB the mobile app can identify customers close by delivering them offers exclusively designed to bring them in.

Perfect setup of Utility Appsand Enhanced Reality

Augmented Reality applications were not taken seriously as they are thought to be just for games, but if along with Application Apps their performance reaches a different sizing. With this mixture client involvement can be enhanced.

The Power of Android Immediate Apps

Android Immediate Apps is a modern app that has the ability to reach those customers who don’t have the app set up in their system. It allows you to do so by obtaining the rule required by the app at that particular moment. This will let your business come up on the app search so the customers will be able to use your app without installing it.

Artificial Intelligence

Increasing number of developers are beginning to include AI into their cell phone applications. This technology could be very impressive for academic reasons where the app could educate kids assisting them to get excellent results. In the same way AI could serve the needs to each and every client performing like an individual associate for the customer right on your system by making a list of your specifications including items to trolley. The user just has to click ‘buy’.

Popularity of internet of Things is getting ground

popularity of internet of things will play a role significantly to the achievements of your mobile in 2017. From devices to home products all proceed to plug online. So with popularity of internet of things cell phone applications can be connected with more customers and more devices. Customers will benefit from this selection of data and exchange making buying easier for them.

Importance of Mobileto protect Developers

App developers have given main concern to mobile peace of mind in 2017 as more and more devices with private information are used for business. Due to this they can be an easy focus on for online hackers and cybercrime. With effective precautionary features though they are not always quick and easy applications will proceed to be a safe way to store.

App Revenue

It is approximated that around 268 million cell phone applications will be downloadable in 2017 which in turn will become income of 77 billion dollars. The income produced in not just due to installing the app. These applications are merely marketing resources that help in the development of business and income. If you want to enhance the revenue and develop your business in 2017, you have no choice but to create a cellular app.


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