Future of Gaming: 5 Exciting Emerging Trends



Technical innovation advances in incredibly fast rates of speed. If you need any actual visible proof of the fast growth of technology throughout the years, take a look at the gaming industry. From the very beginning a lot of black-and-white 2D games like Pong to the first 3D game, 3D Beast Labyrinth almost 30 years ago, and from basic first-person photographers like Wolfenstein 3D to complicated, life-like photographers like Battleground 3, there’s no doubt that the gaming industry has seen its fair proportion of technological progress.

Here are 5 functions you can expect in the way forward for gaming.

1.Immersive Gaming: The Return of Virtual Reality

Some of you may be surprised to know that 3D films have persisted since about a century ago. Know-how just didn’t really didn’t take flight since then due to price. It is not until in the past couple of years that we’ve experienced the resurgence of 3D technology not only in films like Character, but also for gaming displays.

An Exclusive Truth Comeback

With significant steps in technology that led to improved components abilities, VR has started to reappear in the gaming industry.

Due to be launched beginning next Jan for a simple $300, Oculus Rift comes with a massive area view (107 degrees), quick-response head-tracking system, and features immersive stereoscopic 3D making abilities as well.

2.Extra Screens for Gaming

With the growing industry for portable devices like cellular phones and tablets, the system war between the three famous labels (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) has increased, with a hurry to develop an extra gaming system for players.

Wii U

Consider the newly launched Wii U GamePad, which comes with a built-in touchscreen display that can serve as a supplement to games. In first-person shooting games, a second display allows you to accessibility the map or your stock easily without leaving the game area.


Even Microsoft is capturing up with the competition with the growth of Xbox SmartGlass. However, compared with the Wii U, SmartGlass is an app that serves as an extra tool for players to have interaction with. It can be downloadable into and utilized from cellular phones and tablets to enhance the gamingexperience.

3.Open-Source Gaming

Look at the number of 100 % free (or cheap) homemadegames available in the cellular industry nowadays and you will know where future games may be heading: Start Source! For instance, Ouya is an Android-powered, future movie gaming system (to be launched Apr 2013, pre-order here) that works under the notion that games should be inexpensive to develop and inexpensive to buy.

4.Enhanced Truth (AR)

On top of seeing your actual environment, in Enhanced Truth you will be fed with more information or data overlay, electronically, in real-time. One good example of AR in action will be the cellular app, Wikitude. Supporting your smart phone and directing towards your environment, the display shows close by dining places, ATMs, resorts, etc. for your routing.

Eventually we may even have a sport enjoying period with wearable UI like Google Glass where you don’t even need to hold up a system or system, and enjoying a sport almost feels like you’re on the ground in the gaming world.

5.Cloud Gaming

With more reliable and faster online connections, the technology of cloud processing has started to gain some strength. The Sim cards designer Will Wright holds the concept of cloud gaming as an important part of the way forward for the industry. For one thing, the gaming industry recognizes it as an opportunity to make games as readily accessible as music and films.


They say forecasts about how technology will develop in future have always been incorrect because we can never really estimate how we may vary from the intended use of the original creation.


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